Sport Psychology Consulting Services

BMT Sport Consulting specialises in sport psychology consulting services that drive performance enhancement across sport and age dynamics. We strive to guide individuals and teams toward a heightened level of mental conditioning through an avid focus on mental toughness development. The BMT approach is focused on a hands-on method that provides clients with personalized services informed by the latest research in the field of sport psychology.

We provide a professional service that assists our athletes to overcome challenges, build resilience and develop mental toughness which in turn has a positive and undeniable impact on their sporting performance. These services are all athlete-focused and are therefore concerned with the athlete’s holistic sporting environment and the various aspects and interactions that the athlete may engage in with coaches, parents, and team mates.

BMT works with athletes in a formalized one-on-one setting as well as on their sport field of choice (where the magic happens).

Services Offered

BMT Sport offers a diverse range of consulting services including:

  • Mental toughness evaluation and development

  • Development of mental skills such as concentration, confidence, arousal regulation etc

  • Anxiety and coping mechanisms

  • Goal setting alignment and progression

  • Mental rehearsal and imagery training

  • Arousal regulation and evaluation of IZOF

  • Team Testing, Evaluation and interventions

  • Individualized and specialized Player development intervention

  • Team Cohesion evaluation and development

  • Player monitoring and holistic management of athletes

  • Coaches and parent workshops

  • One-on-one individual sessions as well as team sessions

Developing Mental Toughness in Sport Psychology

BMT Sport focuses on 6 interventions to develop mental toughness in Spor t Psychology:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Attentional control (concentration)
  3. Visualization
  4. Self-Awareness
  5. Positive self-talk and thinking
  6. Anxiety control and coping mechanisms

Each of these are developed through various enablers such as: refocusing techniques, positive self-talk, thought stopping techniques to name a few.

Positive Thinking
Self Awareness
Goal Setting
Attenuation Control
Anxiety Control

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