The big question… does sport science even matter?

Sport science is just as it says it is – science. It’s about taking rigorous scientific processes, research and findings and converting it into a practical & effective solution for sportsmen & women across sporting codes. It is therefore about turning science into achievable actions which in turn will enhance an athlete’s performance at all levels.

The purpose of sport science is therefore twofold:

  1. To keep players playing (to keep athletes on their chosen sporting field for the duration of the season)
  2. To produce practical interventions (training programs, evaluation) for players which impacts that one thing that matters most in sport… WINNING.

Sport science has without a doubt got the potential to unleash an athlete’s ability, to enhance their performance and to keep them playing and participating as long as required.

At BMT Sport Consulting, Sport Science begins with an initial evaluation of the fundamental aspects of the athlete and their sport of choice- fundamentals such as strength, power output, agility, flexibility, and speed (to mention a few), thereafter an individualized and specialized training program is built focusing on the development of both, strengths, and weakness of the athlete.

BMT Sport offers a diverse range of consulting services including:

Sport Science sessions can be scheduled through individual sessions as well as through team sessions.

BMT is passionate about working with teams and coaches (teaching coaches more about the physical demands of sport as they essentially become the “trainers”).

So if you require a training program for a school, club, or provincial team, be sure to contact us for tailor made packages.

Athletes comprehensive assessment

  • Strength and Conditioning (testing, evaluation, and training programs)

  • Group & Team Testing and Evaluation (psychological & physical)

  • Individualized and specialized Player development

  • Team Cohesion development

  • Pre and post season planning and periodization

  • Speed, Agility, and Flexibility improvement

  • Sport Specific Programming (psychological and physical)

  • High Performance Testing (sport specific)

  • Player monitoring and holistic management of athletes

  • Nutritional advice and management

  • Coaches workshops and hands-on sessions

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