Winter School Registration

BMT Sport Consulting will be hosting HOCKEY WINTER SCHOOL for all hockey players who would like to brush up on their skills and do some extra hockey training during the holidays. Hockey Winter School starts on the 17th June.

The focus for Hockey Winter School is threefold:
1. Focus on the development of technical hockey skills
2. Development of mental toughness with keen focus on developing mental skills such as goal setting and refocusing techniques
3. Hockey specific speed, agility and quickness.

There will be an element of each of these aspects of holistic player development at each session.

All players are welcome (players will be effectively separated at the sessions based on ability). Hockey Winter School is a great way to stay fit and hockey focused during the holiday, or do that last minute prep before your IPT, or to stay fit for Howell/Pullen or as pre-season preparation for primary schools.

If you are interested in attending please sign up below:

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