Sports Massage | What is it?

Sports massage is defined as a routine based, manipulation of the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia & fibrous tissue) of the body for therapeutic results.
These results are both physical and psychological in nature, and can include:

  • Decrease in stress & anxiety
  • Increase in flexibility and range of motion in joints
  • Improvement in recovery
  • Reduction of pain and tenderness
  • Increase the bodies energy levels

Sport massage differs from other massage therapies as it is results orientated- there are specific goals for each massage, that are directly related to the athletes performance and general well-being.

Our massage therapists utilize a number of techniques including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release as well as stretch therapy.

Application and Benefits of Sports Massage

The application of Sports massage:

  • Recovery– to enhance the athletes physical and mental recovery from sport participation
  • Remedial– to improve with any debilitating condition
  • Rehabilitation– to facilitate healing after an injury
  • Maintenance– to enhance recovery, to treat debilitating conditions, and to help the athlete maintain optimal health
  • Event– to aid the athletes preparation for and event, inter event support and post event recovery
  • Pre event: to help prepare the athlete physically, mentally and emotionally for a specific competitive event
  • Inter Event: the focus is to help the athlete recover both physically and mentally and to aid their preparation for the next competitive phase
  • Post Event: to aid the athletes recovery and to administer treatment for rehabilitation or remedial outcomes as well as to relax the muscles and the athlete general emotional and physical state of being

Benefits of Sport Massage

The primary and secondary benefits of a sports massage produce a constellation of effects that can directly influence performance or have a cumulative effect over time.

The primary effects of massage are improved fluid circulation, muscular and general relaxation, functional separation of muscle and connective tissue, decrease scar tissue effects, connective tissue normalisation, and increase in mental alertness and calmness, and finally, sport massage focuses on the deactivation of trigger points.

The secondary benefits are sport massage are wide ranging such as: improved flexibility, reduced risk of injury, a boosted circulatory system, greater energy, faster recovery, pain reduction and easing of tension and stiff muscles, just to name a few

But sport massage isn’t a one-size-fits all tool, and there are certain things to consider before booking an appointment.
Here, three important pre-massage knowledge tips:

  1. Sport massage like many other therapies requires a process to bring about a specific result; it is not a “one-hit-wonder” remedy. Allow for at least three sessions for the therapist to be able to work through the varying layers of stiff/injured tissue and to make a difference
  2. Communicate effectively with the massage therapist- communicate your expectations, your optimal zone of therapy (depth at which the therapist can work without causing too much pain), previous injuries and ailments, as all communication will aid the sport massage therapist to use the most effective style of massage in a formulated routine to best suit your needs
  3. Motivation for the session (use the application of massage as a guideline) and manage your own expectations based on the above information remembering that the purpose of sport massage is based on specific outcome or result

First Timer- Need to know:

Runners World wrote a great article for all first time massage to read through – click here

Services offered by BMT Sports

  • Sports Massage at Events

    BMT Sport is able to setup a gazebo and value add services at events such a trail runs, school sport events (Easter Festivals, school derby’s etc), sport club events etc…

  • Team and Sport Tours

    BMT Sport can support teams of varying sporting codes on tours and at events

  • Individual Sessions

    Normal sport massage sessions conveniently scheduled for individuals

Please click here to send us an email about team and event pricing.

Individual Session Costs

The first session must be scheduled for an hour as a full indemnity, postural screening, medical screening and evaluation of the client is required before beginning any form of sport massage routine.

30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes



Hit and Run

R800once off
  • 3 x 30 minute sessions

Long Hard Yards

R1350once off
  • 4 x 60 min sessions
  • (Buy 3 get one free)

The Brady Bunch

R3800once off
  • 4 massage clients
  • 3 sessions each for 45 minutes

For team and event packages and prices mentioned above please contact us

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