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A letter to the younger sportswomen in me – A lesson from the Olympics

How Norway Outshone The Rest at the Olympics How absolutely absurd are the Winter Olympics? Dare I say you need to be some kind of crazy to participate or even attempt some of the events offered. I spent way too many hours in front of the TV screen in recent months deliberating the details of the Winter Olympic sporting codes. As a common sport fanatic, after watching a few hours of a single event, I turn into a professional myself and start coaching the competitors through the TV screen. Sportsmanship is the outward expression of the inward love and passion that you have for the game.

Tactical Periodisation – How it aided England Rugby

Here BMT Sport Consulting we pride ourselves on being able to offer athelete’s all the tools they need to become or remain successful.
Sports Science plays a huge role in athlete development and maintenance, preventing injury and ensuring they peak at the right time of the season to ensure best performance at the right times.
The […]


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